Current Connection- 3

In the Current Connection for this week we had the reading “The Banking Concept of Education” By Paulo Freire. In the reading Freire talks about how Education is an act of depositing, where the students are the depositories and the teacher is the despitor. Along with that the teacher is the one to issue communiques […]

Current Connection #4

In the reading for this week, we had the reading “ The School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Critical Review of the Punitive Paradigm Shift” by Christopher Mallett. The reading talked about the prison-to-pipeline system. In the reading  Mallett talks about how no two schools are exactly alike (nor are juvenile courts), and their anti-violence policies thus differentiate […]

Learning Experience #2

In this week’s Learning Experience we  had the reading: “But that’s just good teaching! The case for culturally relevant pedagogy” by Gloria Ladson-Billings. In chapter 21, Ladson-Billings specifically focuses around a pedagogy that the author identifies as “culturally relevant”, and argues its centrality in the academic success of African American and other children who have […]

Learning Experience #3

In the reading for this week we had the reading “ Chapter 2: Native Americans: Deculturalization. Schooling, and Globalization” by Joel Spring. In the reading he talked about the deculturalization of Native Americans, throughout history Native Americans have been faced with different people trying to eradicate their culture. One of the main reasons why the […]

Current Connection 2

This week’s Current Connection we had the reading “Test Prep” by Koretz, D. In the reading Koretz talked about the 3 different types of bad test prep. The first one was reallocation between subjects, which is when teachers cut back on material that is not going to raise test scores. Which leads them to shift […]

Learning Experience #1

In the Learning Connection for this week we had the reading “How School Choice Turns Education into a Commodity” by Jason Blakely. The reading talked about Neoliberalism and the effects that it has on Education.  Blakely talks about Neoliberalism, an economic system in which the free market is extended to every part of society. The […]

Current Connection #1

For my Current Connection, we had the reading Education in a Progessive Period by Edward Janak. In the reading Jank talks about how Education was changed by people that contributed to starting this push in Education, John Locke, Charles Darwin, William James, etc. And then talked about what it means about Progressivism.  Progressives ultimately believe […]

ED253- Class Survey

Hello, My name is Jessica Reynolds, but Jess is okay with me. My pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I am from Chicago, IL. I am a Sophomore and I want to teach Pre-K 3 through kindergarten. I am a very shy person at first, but once I start to get comfortable around new people that is when […]

Learning Experience 3

For our final learning experience, we had the chapters “From Outrage to Organization Building Community Ties Through Education Activism,” “Why Community Schools? Public schools as Greenhouses of Democracy,” “Q/A: How can I decide if a reform project is worth supporting?” “Aren’t You on the Parent Listserv?”  Working for equitable family involvement in a dual-immersion elementary […]


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