Current Connection- 3

In the Current Connection for this week we had the reading “The Banking Concept of Education” By Paulo Freire. In the reading Freire talks about how Education is an act of depositing, where the students are the depositories and the teacher is the despitor. Along with that the teacher is the one to issue communiques and makes deposits in which the students patiently receive, memorize, and repeat. This is the backing concept of education, it is a concept in which the action of learning only goes as far as the students receiving, filing and storing the information and that is as far it goes the Banking Model of Education. There are 10 big concepts that are outlined in the Banking Model of Education and they are: the teachers teaches and the students are taught, the teacher knows everything and the students know nothing, the teacher thinks and the students are thought about, the teacher talks and the students listen- meekly, the teacher disciplines and the students are disciplined, the teacher chooses and enforce their choice and the students comply. The teacher acts and the students have the illusion of acting through the action of the teacher, the teacher chooses the program content, and the student adapt to it, the teacher confuses the authority of knowledge, with his or her own professional authority, which she/he sets in opposition to the freedom of the students, and the teacher is the subject of the learning process, while the pupils are mere objects. 

Out of the 10 concepts that were listed above, I can fully say that I do not agree with most of the concepts that are on the list. Education should not be something that is only one-way. That is something that is not in the best interest of the students. Most students can not learn when they are only being told something and just sitting there and listening. The lesson has to be engaging to the student and the students have to be able to put their input on the lesson. Also I do not think that it is right that the teacher is the only one that knows everything when it comes to the subject. Everyday we are learning something new, whether where we get the source from we are always learning something new. I also do not agree with the last concept. I think that there should not be objects mentioned when talking about students, because our students are people and they have value, so it is not right to view them as objects. 

The article that I did my current connection on is “The Banking Model of Education” by Chris Drew. In this article Drew talks about how the Banking Model sees students as containers in which knowledge is deposited by teachers. That the teachers know everything while students are ignorant, teachers act while students observe, and the teacher claims authority to oppress students. Drew also talks about how knowledge transmission hurts students. One example of this is: Teacher Narration: narrates facts to students for them to memorize. And the Ignorance of Prior Knowledge: any prior knowledge that the students knew before is completely ignored by the teacher, who doesn’t care about the students’ beliefs or opinions. 

One of the main points that Drew makes is that teachers should aim to be co-Leaders. And how the role of the teacher should change and that teacher should be learning with the students. In Education we should be focusing on “Problem Posing Education” and in this way of Education teachers should not tell students facts but instead pose problems and ask the students to use their intelligence to solve the problems. Another point that Drew made was that learning should be practical, and students should learn by engaging with the world around them. Which is something that I completely agree with, students should be able to engage with the lesson and with the world around them. 

Drew also talks about the advantages and disadvantages. The advantages being teacher control, can get a better control on poorly behaved classrooms. Direct Instruction is necessary, sometimes telling students “the way it is” is necessary. Students appreciate structure, even though students learn differently, some students do appreciate getting information straight and clear. The disadvantages to this way of teaching being lack of critical thinking, students are denied the opportunity to think and lack of creativity: Denied the opportunity to think for themselves. Won’t develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. The third disadvantage is that power imbalances are made, power stays in the hands of the teacher and students are giving no chance to question authority.

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