Learning Experience #1

In the Learning Connection for this week we had the reading “How School Choice Turns Education into a Commodity” by Jason Blakely. The reading talked about Neoliberalism and the effects that it has on Education.  Blakely talks about Neoliberalism, an economic system in which the free market is extended to every part of society. The goal of Neoliberalism is to  liberate enterprise from any restrictions put in place by the government. And that the system centers around individual responsibility, rather than communal responsibility. And when it came to talking about how Neoliberalism plays a role in the marketization of schools. Schools were seen as private organizations, And they would be markets which have winners and losers. Which is something that I do not agree with when it comes to Education. In my opinion, I do not think that when it comes to something that is so important for a child to be able to make a life for themselves, and also build a life for themselves, to have winners and losers. It is not fair to the child. Especially, in this system where the poor are set up to fail and the rich are the ones who benefit from it. “Market choice does, however, favor those who already have education, wealth, and wherewithal to plan, coordinate, and execute moving their children to the optimal educational setting” (Blakely, 2017). The point that Blakely is trying to make shows that this system only works if you already have a leg up, and you were born into a well off family. 

Another thing that was brought up was a fundamental question that was brought up in the article and it was, “Should it (education) be organized around a model in which the more you win the more you get, and the more you lose the less you are given?” (Blakely, 2017) And I disagree with this question because there should not be winners and losers in Education. That should not be a factor of deciding whether or not you help a child out. As educators we should be helping students out no matter where their family’s background is or how much money they have. Which is also something that is out of the child’s control.  I also think that if there ever was a day that we decided to do that as a part of the educational system, is the day that we fail as educators, because to have something as education is a basic need. Because if you do not have education or higher level education you can not make it in America, just by living off of minimum wage. And deciding whether or not if a student is “winning” or “losing” to decide how much more or much less that they will be given, is not the way that education should be run. Every student should be given the same opportunities and chances, they should all receive the same resources and tools to make sure that they will be able to reach whatever goal that they put their mind to.  

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