ED253- Class Survey

Hello, My name is Jessica Reynolds, but Jess is okay with me. My pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I am from Chicago, IL. I am a Sophomore and I want to teach Pre-K 3 through kindergarten. I am a very shy person at first, but once I start to get comfortable around new people that is when I start to open up.  I am the Head of Communications for the LGBTQIA+ Allies Exec. Board here on campus. Some of the things that matter most to me are LGBTQIA+ Rights and the Black Lives Matter Movement.  One of the service activities that I was thinking about signing up for was the  JCU Lobo LAB- Virtual Field Trips.  

Some of the things that must be in place for myself to take intellectual and creative risks in the classroom is that there has to be a form of mutual respect for one another, opinions, and backgrounds. That everyone in the classroom knows that we all come from different backgrounds and we have different experiences, and that it’s okay and we should be able to express them freely within the classroom. Another thing that needs to be put in place to help make the classroom more comfortable is that we all come to class being open-minded about what our peers have to say about different topics. One of the issues that I feel like has always been the funding for education. How there is such a lack of it and then schools are choosing which programs in their school gets funding and which programs don’t get as much. 

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