Field Observation 12

In the classroom that I was observing was a Kindergarten class. In this classroom there are 19 students. The lesson that they were doing in the classroom was a hands-on science activity. The activity was about force and motion and how those two things go hand in hand with one another. The students were working in groups and in those groups the students had a ramp. At the bottom of the ramp they would put a toy car and then at the top of the ramp the students would put a ball, then they would let the ball go and see far the car would go. Every time when the students would set up the ramp again they would use a different ball to see how the difference in the material that they use has an effect on the toy car. In the group that the students were working in, they each had a different job in the group one student would get the car and put it back at the bottom of the ramp, another student would pick out the ball that they would use, and then another student would let go of the ball on the ramp. And I thought that was really nice, because it made sure that every student in the group was included and they were doing something.  

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