Field Observation 9

The classroom that I was observing was a Pre-K classroom. The classroom has 20 students in total who come from low-income families, and 7 of the students have Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) which include speech and high and low functioning Autism and Cerebral Palsy (C.P.). There is a Special Education Teacher that comes in and works with them for 30 minutes one-on-one. There are also two certified assistants working with one of the  C.P and low functioning student.  In the lesson that they were doing for that day they were working on practicing watching the weather forecast to be able to say it back to their classmates and teacher. Before they started watching the forecast the teacher had them go over different vocabulary words that the students should be listening to while they are watching the forecast. Along with going over the vocabulary words that they should be listening to, the teacher also went over the different ways that the meteorologist carries himself while he is going over the forecast. Then telling her students to do the same. 

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