Field Observation 8

In the classroom that I was observing was a Pre-K classroom. Which only had 7 students in the classroom. In the classroom there are several kids who have developmental delays and disabilities, and also have Individualized Education Program. (IEP’s).  The class meets 2 days out of the week and for 2 ½  hours at a time. One of the things that I noticed about what the teacher was doing during the lesson would be that she would say the instructions in English and then she would repeat herself in Spanish, so that the student whose first language is Spanish will understand what she is saying better. And in the lesson that they were doing for that day they were in a group and they were working on bead patterns and there were 6 six students sitting around the table and the teacher only put out 3 strings. And then she asked how they could each have a turn making the bead patterns. From there she let the students give their answers. And then she told them how to work together on the bead patterns.  

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