Field Observation 6

The classroom that I was observing was a Pre-K classroom and there are only nine students in the classroom. And this specific classroom the students go to school for 2.5 hours, 5 days of the week. During their school week they have active IEPs and weekly they are working on  Receive Speech (RS), Occupational (OT), and Physical Therapy services. In the lesson that I was observing they were talking about the different choices that they can make when they are mad. The students are sitting on the rug and they are reading a book about a little boy that is mad. One of the things that the teacher starts the lesson with is letting the students know what it is okay if they feel mad. Something that I noticed was that the students easily stray away from the  lesson and start talking about something completely different, but the teacher was able to bring the focus of the lesson back in and then ask the students individually what makes them mad. And throughout them reading the book they were able to talk about the good and bad choices that they can do while they are mad.    

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