Field Observation 5

In the classroom I observed it was a Pre-K Social Studies class. The students were in small groups and there were about four students in each of the groups. The students had a large sheet of paper in front of them and they were each drawing a picture of workers that would be in their community. One of the things that I liked about the activity was that the students were able to share ideas with their classmates and they were able to bounce ideas with one another. And while there are students sitting in groups at the desks there are also students in a different part of the classroom and they are dressing  up as the different jobs in the community and making sure that they have every part of the uniform. One of the things that I noticed was that if one of the students was playing with a specific toy (example: an airplane) the teacher would try to have the students understand who would fly an airplane and if the one student would not know she would ask if their friend could help them out. 

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