Field Observation 4

In the classroom that I observed for this week was a Pre-K classroom and all of the kids in the classroom had special needs. And what the teacher was trying to do with the students was to help improve their communication skills. One of the things that the teacher does for her 10 students is that she would have them in circle time and she would have them go through the cardinal rules> And she would pick a student to pick out the symbols for the cardinal rules, and after she picks the student who is going to pick out the symbols, she is reminding the other students that they should be looking and listening to what is going to happen. One of the things that I noticed while she is going through what the students are going to do during circle time is that she has a folder that has pictures of the different symbols/ actions that they students do while they are in circle time. And I just find that very interesting, because a kid with special needs is going to have a hard time focusing so the teacher using the visuals is a great way for her to help keep the students’ attention.

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