Field Observation 1

In the field observation that I observed it was a 2nd grade history class. And that class they were talking about how they would build their city in the future. This class activity is a great way for the students to work together on a project and have them communicate with one another on what they want. And the lesson also shows the students the importance of listening to another, being vocal about their ideas, and speaking up for themselves on what part they want and how they want to act it out. A part of the activity is also making a skit to explain the cities that the students are building. With that it is teaching the students to express themselves and be creative with what they are doing. The whole activity is the students using their creativity, but with making a skit the students are starting from the bottom up and are creating parts and lines. The students creating a skit also creates safe space in the classroom, because they are sharing their ideas and what they think their classmates are going to like. 

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